Platforms for New Opportunities

The ALClub platform runs a 12-week program in Seoul. 15 to 20 start-up companies in each sector will focus on developing the technology that defines that sector. Start-up companies embraced by the platform in ICT, such as AI (artificial intelligence) and VR / AR, are appropriately chosen by ALClub, business partners and industry experts.

Internet of Things

Our Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables future-oriented enterprises, VCs and start-up companies to collaborate.

The results of the 12-week program will include pilots, investments, licenses and powerful skills.


Fintech & Security

We have created an ecosystem from financial and security companies to early start-ups.

Everyone in our ecosystem is influencing today's financial services industry.


Brand & Retail

In the retail business, the innovation platform is an innovative platform that connects new technologies to brands, retailers and CPGs.

Media & Mobile

This is why our platform connects media companies with start-up companies that form a modern, media and mobile environment.



A platform to find advanced, user-friendly and progressive health technologies in the global marketplace.


Join us as an industry-leading partners.