Practical Expert Group Support

IP experts for management of intellectual property rights such as patent application and registration, experts for practical advice and cooperation on specialized technology fields, venture companies for establishing linkage and recall strategy for direct investment and investment It is organized and supported as a practical expert group that can support a series of processes such as technology development, marketing and promotion, export, IPO or M & A.

High-tech intensive childcare

ICT, BT, clean tech, media, etc., and considering the possibility of commercialization as the most important factor when selecting a project, if successful companies in the market are seen through the ALClub program, the vision of technology start-up You will be able to present

Incubator and incentive system

Incubators, governments, start-up companies with ALClub Once the incentive mechanism for each stakeholder has worked, the tenant and other entities will have a partnership and work closely together. There is a strong incentive for prospective founders to use technological ideas to start a business without a license and to have various experience in starting a business.

Strict selection and milestone management

ALClub 's rigorous selection evaluation can be made up of various experts related to start - up business such as venture capital, venture company founder, high - tech field specialist, market specialist etc. During the selected project, the incubator can manage the milestone thoroughly for the tenant and actively cooperate with the founder to solve the problems in the process.